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To provide high quality health services for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women


To envision a comprehensive health system that addresses needs children, pregnant and breastfeeding women

Our Value

In trying to achieve our vision and mission, we serve with empathy, creativity, integrity and determination by following principles: Integrity,  Collaboration, Accountability,Respect. Excellence



TEARS OF AFRICAN CHILDREN IN DISTRESS (TACD) is a non-profit Organization, created in 2018 by Christian Churches of God in DRC in the collaboration with UHTGL (UNIVERSITE DES HAUTES TECHNOLOGIE DE GRAND LACS) , the majority population are destroyed by the war in North Kivu, Sud Kivu and Ituri province, many familly continue to face insecurity in the Eastern Congo Regions, by looting, kidnapping and parent deaths which led to orphans, poverty, malnutrition and chronic diseases(VIH,TB…..) of children and family in general.

The administrative headquarter of the HISTORY OF TEARS OF AFRICAN CHILDREN IN DISTRESS (TACD) is found in KARISIMBI Commune, Goma city, North Kivu Province in the Republic Democratic of Congo.

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has among the highest percentages of chronic child malnutrition, or stunting, in the world with lasting consequences for the children who suffer from this nutritional disorder. Stunting during early childhood has several negative implications and has been associated with adverse effects on cognitive development, school achievement and economic productivity in adulthood and maternal reproductive outcomes

Some sub-Saharan countries have experienced a reduction in stunting, other countries have not managed to combat stunting and in these countries chronic malnutrition is widespread with prevalence over 40%. The DRC is among these countries and has among the highest prevalence of stunting in the region

Risk factors for stunting among children under five years: the war, poverty, hungry (famine) and family-level factors are major drivers of children’s growth stunting in DR CONGO. Interventions to improve the nutrition of pregnant and lactating women so as to prevent low birth weight babies, reduce poverty, promote girls’ education and intervene early in cases of malnutrition are needed.

Our Success