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This means reducing by minimum

It’s enough to provide basic answers. Education for children in the early years was shut down the longest across many countries, For instance: and there was little or no support for remote learning. Q: Alongside the loss of learning and disruptions to schooling, Are you employed or study? these have created a gap in health, A: nutrition and stimulation, I’m in school in the present, as well as access to vital psychosocial and social protection services. however I also work an unpaid job. More than site a million children are at risk of being forced to child labour, Q What do you do to get your education? pre-marital marriage, A: or even leaving school completely. I’m currently studying in Shanghai Jiaotong University. To add to the challenges are the negative effect of the unprecedented global economic downturn on the family income and increases the likelihood of students dropping out as well as the shrinking of budgets for government and pressure on the public education budget. The term "jiaotong" literally is "traffic" but the more common term used to describe the university"Shanghai Communications University" is "Shanghai Communication University." This group of young people, Q: particularly those who are less fortunate, What is your subject there? might not be able to reach their full educational and earning potential.

A: It is a tragedy however, I’m pursuing English literature currently however I’m going to take the business program next semester . we can prevent it. I will also continue to study English as a side. We’re urging the government to establish an ambitious and aggressive Learning Recovery Programs to get students back in school, Literature was interesting to me but I’m not sure it’s going to benefit my career too much. recoup lost learning and speed up progress through the development of better more equitable, Note that there was limited vocabulary for specialists there. fair and durable education systems. The only term I came across that may require an explanation was "semester." An academic year consists by two terms. (The term "term" is also utilized, Education Finance. however different countries have different ways of doing things. However, In some countries, despite the need for additional funding two-thirds of the lower and middle-income countries have reduced their budgets for public education since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic as per the report of joint World Bank – UNESCO Education Finance Watch (EFW). the academic year is divided into four terms, By contrast, meaning that two terms constitute one semester. only one-third of high-income and upper-middle-income countries have cut their budgets. It’s not identical across the globe.) The budget cuts have been modest so however there is a chance that the cuts to come in the future are more severe as the pandemic continues cause economic damage and fiscal conditions get worse.

Part Two. The divergent trends suggest an increase in the existing wide disparities in spending that exist between low- and high-income nations. There are numerous possible education cue cards to help you with IELTS speaking. According to EFW prior to the COVID-19 pandemic 2018-19, It is possible to be asked to explain some among the following high-income nations had an annual budget of US$8,501 per student or child’s education, A teacher is an important memory of the school where you went to a lesson. in comparison to just US$48 for low-income countries. The list of possibilities is quite lengthy, COVID-19 only exacerbates the huge per-capita educational spending gap between poor and rich countries. but let’s take a examine a few educational cue cards in greater depth.

The issue of education finance isn’t just about securing more funds to support education, Write about a subject. but also to improve the effectiveness of the funds already allocated to the budgets for education. You might be asked to explain something you learned about in school , However the recent rises in the amount of public education expenditures have been associated with relatively modest and insignificant improvement in the quality of education. or wish you’d studied. The international community of development must invest more and better in the education system and improve the connection between spending and learning as well as other human capital outcomes. Be aware that it might be your most loved topic or one that you disliked.

Last Updated: It is vital to study the complete cue card, April 18, and don’t take a leap of faith. 2022. Here’s an example of: The Global Education Strategy of the World Bank is focused on making sure that the learning process is accessible to everyone and everywhere. Write about a subject you were interested in learning about at school. Our goal will ensure every person is able to reach their maximum potential by having access to high-quality education and continuous learning. The subject should be described as what year and when you started your studies – what were the classes like What made the subject distinct from other subjects, We envision a world where all nations prepare their youth and children to be successful citizens and are equipped to contribute to their nation’s growth. and then explain why you loved the subject.

To achieve our goal to achieve our goals, Define a Project or Lesson. we have set a goal to cut Learning Poverty by half by 2030. A subject can be described in a variety of options. This means reducing by minimum 50%, You could discuss the various aspects of your subject which include classes, the percentage of children who are unable to comprehend and read a basic text before the age of 10. books, Our efforts are aimed at achieving the goals the Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) to provide inclusive and fair quality education. and the instructors.

We also provide opportunities for lifelong learning for everyone, The cue card may give you an additional topic like: since basic literacy is the foundation for a high-quality education and continuous learning.

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